RKR Viral 19.5: Copper

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RKR Viral 19.5 in Copper


Designed in connection with professional scooter rider Rocco Piazza, the RKR Viral has been designed for younger scooter riders. Available in a range of sizes suitable for ages 5-14; the Viral aims to eliminate the need for kids to cut their scooters.
“Make it sick, make it light, make it pro spec and make it fit out of the box.” was Rocco’s brief for the scooter, and RKR has delivered on this. Shedding metal where it’s not needed and adding it where it is, the Viral is a scooter that is outstandingly light and durable. This scooter is also completely bespoke, other than the bearings everything on this model has been designed and built from scratch by RKR!


  • Viral 19.5. Length: 19.5”
  • All alloy components are hot annealed T4 to relieve stress then cold water quenched T6 for ultimate strength.
  • VIRAL 420 Deck (4.20” W, 19.5” L) extruded 6061 T6 heat treated deck and neck with oversize weld area for massively increased strength at the neck/deck joint.
  • 6061 T6 heat treated and butted oversize T bar pre-cut to the deck size (W 23.5in, L 18.25in, Overall height: 28.5in measured to floor) with 3 degrees backsweep and 2 degrees upsweep.
  • Bars are sized to suit the deck, no need to cut anything, our completes are ready to shred as soon as you put the bars on.
  • VIRAL One piece ‘hot forged’ CNC machined finished 6061 T6 heat treated forks.
  • Extruded heat treated wheel core with A1 grade PU maximum rebound bonded tyres and ABEC9 bearings
  • Heat treated carbon steel axles
  • Top hat inserts front & rear wheels for ease of maintenance and durability
  • CNC machined head tube with internal sealed 45/45 bearings
  • IHC threadless compression and extruded, machined and heat treated 2 bolt clamp
  • mafiabikes aftermarket Hitmain soft kraton flangeless grips
  • Steel 2 bolt brake
  • Painted, plated or water transfer finish with matching RKR grip tape.
  • Weight – 3.18kg